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some ground rules

1. For the purposes of this website, paid means "paid a sum of money that might be a living wage given the amount of time it will take". It doesn't mean stipends, or cookies, or "fun". Please remember that most of the theatre techs in Portland are doing this for their job, and they haven't yet convinced PGE to accept "fun". That being said;

2. Volunteer jobs are OK! There are plenty of technicians out there who are just starting out and are looking to make some connections. There are others who have other means of paying PGE and would be happy to do some jobs for a stipend, or gas money, or cookies. If that's your budget, search for that - maybe you'll find someone great!

3. Please don't email people just to "touch base" - let's keep this focused on filling specific needs (a.k.a. "jobs").

4. When you do email someone, you'll be asked for information about the job. Things like: the title of the project, the company, what job you're offering, the dates, the pay, the location, and whatever other info you have. That stuff is super helpful, so include as much as you can.

Thanks for participating in this.

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