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congratulations to the 2018 winners

stage manager: Michael Cavazos

crew: Alex Lugo

other: Members of the Portland Civic Theatre Guild


The Spotlight Awards are an opportunity to recognize those who do things behind the scenes for the Portland area theatre community.


Stage Managers
D Westerholm
  • D is always organized and ready for anything. Working with her is always smooth and under control, even when actors aren't! As an ASM I felt like I learned something new from her every day. She is a fabulous human being who brings her great attention to detail to every rehearsal and performance. D gives her all to the craft, and it shows.
Emily Trimble
  • Emily is professional, wise, patient, and an all around good person. She's easy to work with and dedicated. She's the sort of SM you can trust at all times.
  • She is also one of the funniest individuals I have had the privilege of watching work. Her selflessness, and her sense of humor, make her one of the best SMs in the business.
  • Emily is the most hardworking individual I have met. She handles every situation with a calming presence and takes every new challenge in stride. She is truly a joy to work with.
Heather Taylor
  • Heather is a directors voice of reason and an actor's best friend. She is tough when she needs to be, but cares deeply about every project she's involved with and every person who is on the journey with her.
Jamie Simons
  • Jamie is the calmest, sweetest, kindest, coolest person in the room. She genuinely cares about all the people on a show and makes sure we are truly a team. I would work with her on a show any day.
Jen Lindell
  • Jen is always organized and kind. You never have to worry about that she is doing her work because she will always be three steps ahead of you. She take care of actors and is communicative on all issues. She's just the best and I love being in the room with her.
  • How often is there someone that worries that you haven't given her enough to do? She's the best and always kind.
  • Jenn is the best: Jenn has managed me a couple of times and I have always found her to be professional, organized, a great communicator, knows how to handle a crisis and keeps everyone together. I cannot recommend Jenn highly enough.
Michael Cavazos
  • He was my rock through out this whole process. He has been patient, kind, and non-bios is the face of conflict and to top it all off he took the best notes and always made sure things got done like a good stage manager would.
  • Michael is an immaculate professional. His support of our administrative team as well as his thoroughness and precision made the entire run of our show go smoothly. Further, input throughout our process proved incredibly valuable as we shaped and experimented with our production. Further, his promotion of bonding among the cast through the employment of pre-show exercises went above and beyond, and truly enhanced the show as a whole.
  • Michael is one of the best stage managers I've had the pleasure to work with. His generosity manifests in every way - towards his work, his actors, and his peers. He is truly generous in the fullest sense: with his time, knowledge, kindness, and presence. Always calm and a great problem solver.
Michael DeMaio
  • Michael might be the best stage manager in Portland, for my money. Conflict resolver, problem solver, life of the party, confidant, etc. Every show Michael is in, he makes infinitely better because of his professionalism, his understanding, and his organization. He is not afraid to tell it like it is, and that makes each production better, and his gentle, but commanding, touch makes the lives of the actors and crew that he works with so much easier. He's one of the nicest, most caring stage managers in Portland.
Natasha Stockem
  • As Stage Manager for Shaking The Tree, Natasha beautifully facilitates rehearsals, tech, and performances. She tackles very elaborate and complex elements of the shows with such ease and makes her entire cast/crew feel safe and respected. She’s an absolute gem of a human!
  • Natasha leads with ease and clarity. As an actor in her rehearsal, I feel safe, cared for and that things are always under control.
Zach Peak
  • I've been working with Zach for about 7 years now, and he is the most dedicated and hard working theatre professional I know. His ability to handle anything you throw at him is awe inspiring. He never says I can't, but makes things happen. Like Radar on Mash he can also anticipate what the needs are at any given moment, and does it all with a big smile on his face! He's quick to laugh and a lot of fun to work with. Plus he has great hair!
Crew Members
Alec Lugo
  • Alec does it all. Tech work, video work, photo, poster design, graphic design. He might even be on a board somewhere. He seems to work for every theatre in Portland and the surrounding area. Is he the hardest working person in Portland theatre? Could be. He's certainly one of the busiest.
  • I have known Alec for many years: as a fan of his acting and as his teacher. He has given me many reasons to be very proud of him.
  • Alec is ambitious, hard-working, and multi-talented!
Dug Martell
  • endlessly helpful
  • Over the last 6 years, I've worked with Dug on many occasions in different types of shows from dance to theater and beyond. His technical lighting skills are on point, he can diagnose problems while in the theater and I have on occasion, called him in on the phone, where he was able to talk me through any problems that I've had. His lighting always looks fantastic and he's a smooth operator on the board. He's an awesome guy, great to work with, super chill attitude and not only that...he rides motorcycles and does martial arts!!
  • Dug Martell is a master of 3 minute fades, up or down; he can flash lights and hears music cues with ease and breeze. If you need a dimmer box changed on the double he will be there on the triple, all while horse stancing on a 16" ladder. He can trouble shoot with just an iPhone photo, ultimately saving the show. Dug is patient, kind and attentive. He not only is talented, but is a sweetheart of a person. Dug gets the the done with skill and grace.
  • *gets the job done with skill and grace.
Evan Tait
  • Evan Tait has worked as a crew member, stage manager, ASM, and many other positions in the past few years in the Portland theatre scene. His relentless positivity, grace under pressure, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make the show go on is what makes Evan a valuable asset to any theatre company. He knows how to his job well offstage because of the experiences he has had onstage, and with Evan helping you out backstage, you can breathe just a little bit easier and feel like you have an ally backstage.
  • The thing that makes Evan stand out the most is his ability to roll with the punches in shows, and that trial by fire attitude that makes shows work can be attributed most to Evan and his incredible work ethic.
  • This young man is one of the most ambitious people I have come across and will go far in this industry, on stage and off.
  • The thing that makes Evan a special asset to Portland theatre is his desire to always keep learning: about the craft, the jobs he takes, and his love for art. He’s who you need to hire for any and every job that makes your theater run.
Jamie Flynn
  • Much of the astonishing movement and gender transformation in Men On Boats was down to this “movement consultant.”
Kevin Young
  • We've all pulled all-nighters. But Kevin did several in a row. He put the theater on his shoulders (parts of it, anyway) to help bring the show together in a very short amount of time. He did so in a way that helped to bring the designers' ideas to fruition. Well done!
  • Amazing designer and crew member! He has changed the tech department at my school and shown many students that a career in the technical side of theater is a great opportunity
Lexie Quandt
  • Lexie brings positivity, clarity and consistency to her backstage work. The props-tracking she did on Caucasian Chalk Circle at Shaking the Tree this year was a thing of true beauty--she didn't bat an eye at the incredible complexity, simply got down to business and had it solved flawlessly by the end of rehearsal. Lexie is a joy to be around and the kind of person I would want to work with in any setting.
  • Lexie is truly the hardest working individual I've ever met. She doesn't give up. She will work tirelessly to help you in any way she can.
  • Whether she's working on props, wardrobe, stage management, or onstage acting, Lexie gives every ounce of energy and time to doing her best and making everyone else's life easier!
Sarah Kindler
  • Sarah is an incredible Scenic Artist who I've worked with at Artists Rep. Her work is phenomenal and she's a stellar human. Always a pleasure to work on the same project. I always know it's going to look great on time. The attention to detail is perfection.
  • Sarah is prompt in her work and always exceeds my expectations. She is kind and caring, and her willingness to overachieve is fabulous.
  • Sarah is the hardest working painter I know, and will always help others with their own scenic painting dilemmas. She is a true artist and collaborator, and has gone uncelebrated for too long!
  • Sarah is not only insanely good at what she does, but she is a kindhearted person who also cares about the people she works with. She's a true gem.
Mary Macdonald-Lewis
  • The drammy's don't have a category for dialect work, but honestly, who hasn't worked with this amazing force of nature? Mary Mac is THE go-to dialect coach in this town, and deserves recognition for it!
  • Mary Mac is also one of the most thoughtful, knowledgeable, and just people in the PDX theatre scene, and should be recognized for her thoughtfulness and talent in her craft.
Pam Knight and Sandra Vincent
  • Pam and Sandra are the front of house volunteers for Stumptown Stages and they are what make the company a bright, shining light in the Portland community. Their enthusiasm, knowledge, and love of the theatre clearly shows, but what wows me and other audience members is their professionalism. No matter the show, no matter how many times they have seen it, they always have lovely things to say about the show, actors, etc. and it makes the experience of seeing a show at Stumptown Stages exponentially more exciting. Pam and Sandra are a dynamic duo that deserves all the recognition in the world.
the Members of the Portland Civic Theatre Guild
  • This group of volunteers produces an 8 play season of readings to provide a day-time theatrical experience for those who, because of time of day or cost, cannot attend evening theatre; to provide paid opportunities for actors and directors to showcase their skills; and to raise the funds to award yearly fellowships and grants to Portland theatres and theatre artists, carrying on a 60 year tradition. This is a huge undertaking and these men and women deserve this community's honor and thanks. :0)
Tom Beckett
  • Tom's influence as a teacher stretches far and wide. So many of his former students work professionally in this town, and around the country. This city is lucky to have him.