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Cueing Software

QLab (for Macs)
MultiPlay (for PCs)

Editing Software


Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

Freesound Community Audio

Copyright Information

The Use of Copyrighted Materials in Live Theatre Productions (Richmond Sound Design - .DOC format)
Who owns the rights? Copyright, the law and licensing the show (Kevin N. Scott)
Ten Reasons to Not Use Unlicensed Music In Theater (TheatreFace)

Wireless Mic Resources

Care and Usage of Wireless Mics (by me - lots of pictures!)
Microphone Placement Techniques (Bright and Loud)
Frequency Coordination (ProSoundWeb)
Antenna Setup (Shure)
Audio Systems Guide for Theater Performances (Shure)
Inexpensive Microphones and Accessories
Sheathes (they're not condoms!)
Ear Training Guide (NPR)